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Share Internet connections among multiple devices
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Turns your PC into a hotspot by sharing the Internet that it receives through a cable in a wireless network. Provides secure Wi-Fi connections with WPA2-PSK encryption algorithms.

Connectify Hotspot can help you share Internet services with other devices right from your computer, without the need of a physical router. There are different versions of this product: Standard, PRO, and MAX, with varying features. The program lets you share Internet services independently of the original connection type. Thus, it supports extending wireless and Ethernet networks. What's more, its PRO and MAX editions allow 3G or 4G LTE networks as well.

This virtual router has an easy-to-use interface. There are tabs for three different modes: Wi-Fi Hotspot, Wired Router, and Wi-Fi Repeater. To create a Wi-Fi hotspot, it requires giving it a name and setting a password. Once the services start, you can receive notifications whenever another client device connects to your hotspot. Likewise, it lets you control how much traffic is being generated by them. If you are concerned about the security of the data transmitted, you should know that the tool uses the same type of encryption (WPA2-PSK) as physical routers.

Switching to Wired Router mode means that the program lets you share a Wi-Fi connection through the local network, which is quite convenient when there are some devices with no wireless capabilities. Wi-Fi Repeater mode, in turn, allows you to extend the range of given Wi-Fi services. Moreover, if you enable bridging mode, your hotspot becomes invisible to the client devices and it appears as if they were actually connected to the source network.

All in all, no wonder Connectify Hotspot is one of the most popular products of its type. The program definitely serves a try and it is also a good idea to check its PRO and MAX features, which also include ad blocking for client devices, custom hotspot naming as well as custom IP and DHCP controls.

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  • Supports extending both wireless and wired networks
  • Uses strong encryption for data transmission
  • Can be used in various modes
  • Ad blocking for client devices


  • The standard version does not support using Wired Router and Wi-Fi Repeater modes
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