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Connectify Hotspot 7.1

Connectify Hotspot is intended to share your PC’s Internet connection
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Connectify Hotspot is intended to share your PC’s Internet connection with other computers and devices within your Wi-Fi range. Fortunately, it allows multiple types of devices, such as media players, e-readers and even smart phones, to connect to the created access point.

The program has a very intuitive interface. Thus, with just providing a few data, you can start a hotspot right from your PC provided it has a wireless network card. Although you can actually create a hotspot using Windows, Connectify Hotspot makes this procedure much simpler and saves you the effort of dealing with multiple parameters and configuration pages. Moreover, this application has the advantage of allowing access to multiple devices at the same time. Moreover, it lets you do it in a safe way, as you can easily protect your wireless network with a password.

Besides the free version reviewed here, the application also has a PRO paid version. Although both versions provide such basic features as creating a software access point, sharing Internet and displaying the connected devices, the PRO version goes far beyond that. Therefore, it is for you to decide what version to use according to your needs and purchase power.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use.
  • It allows protecting your connection with a password.
  • It lets you monitor users in real time.
  • It supports various types of devices, including phones


  • The latest version does not support Windows XP or Vista
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